What happened in Sweden?

What is wrong with you, Mr. Trump? hah. If nothing else, this megalomaniac is very entertaining! 🙂 said that something *terrible* happened in last night. Uh, what? This, of course, angered many Swedes. Maybe it was a Freudian slip, and something bad did happen there that we don’t know how about. After all, the man is the POTUS, the most powerful man in the world! Insane.

Basically, he was referring to the uptick in refugees in Europe, and hope it has led to this event, in Sweden, that no one seems to know about. “You look at what’s happening,” he told his supporters. Uh, what? That’s when he said “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.” But nothing happened in Sweden. , former prime minister, and foreign minister pondered about what president Trump has been smoking.

Texas judge allows lawsuit against Selena widower to proceed

selena concert, 1993
selena concert, 1993

Who cares? Basically, the widower (husband) of Salena, that singer chick who was shot to death in the early 90’s, wants to release a book “To Selena with Love” about Selena, and her father is set against. It’s kind of a douche move not to run it by pops first, but the man wants to make some easy $$$. What do you think about it? That old Jlo movie about Selena was good, but I could definitely use an update, perhaps, a more accurate depiction of the woman! 🙂

Source: http://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/texas-judge-allows-lawsuit-against-selena-widower-to-proceed-1.3291476


She was shot to death by Yolanda Saldívar, who was her fan club president. She was on her way to the top, but her life was cut short. They made a pretty good movie about it. That’s why I don’t trust people!

XHamster.com review


This is a legitimate porn site that will have most of your sexual desires covered. They have straight sex, hookups, cucks, trans, “ladyboys,” homosexual, etc etc etc. not animal porn, but I don’t think that’s very mainstream, either lol. It all depends on what you’re into. It’s one of the most mainstream of the porn sites out there. We may do a review of other porn sites in the future, I don’t yet know!

What makes unique is that they have a section where you can read/upload erotica stories. You can signup to and earn $$$ by sitting around in front of a webcam. Not bad, huh? I don’t know how much they pay, but seeing as many people love to use snapchat for free, I don’t think it would be much of an inconvenience to make some cash by pretty much doing the same thing.

Own a site? You can earn by promoting xhamster stuff. I’m just going to let my audience know about it. I have no desire of becoming some sort of porn site. There’s a lot of “porn sites” which simply want to infect your computer with malware, or blast you with ads, so I want to let people know of a legitimate source for their wanking needs! 🙂

Norton’s “review board” has given xhamster some bad ratings, but I think they don’t know what they’re talking about. Sure, there’s some popups, but that’s the least you can expect from 100% free content. Besides, norton sucks. They;re getting ripped off when they could simply use a FREE antivirus which performs a 10000% better.

How to become a great single

Are you wondering how to become a great singer? You need to find the right program. The right method to finding your voice. Anyone can be a great singer, but not everyone knows about The Singing Method. I’ve always wanted to be a better singer. I loved Alice in Chains when I was younger, and I’ve always loved the amazing singing of Layne Staley, so I knew I wanted to sing but I wasn’t sure how, or if I would be any good. That’s where the shines. It only takes 20 minutes per day, it’s cheap, but it truly works. It’s the best singing program that I’ve ever seen! LINK

Why did I ever pay for singing lessons. This product is GREAT!

Don’t believe me? Go on youtube and type in “superior singing method reviews” and you will be amazed on all of the positive reviews for this program. I love the fact that some of my friends who never sang, at all, yet are now very confident in their abilities. It’s a testament to the tremendous amount in ingenuity put into the SUPERIOR SINGING METHOD

The trick, though, is to never give up. Do you want to be a professional singer? Utilize this program, practice every day, pursue your dreams! You will be able to do anything you want, as long as you put your thoughts into ACTION!

Affiliate marketing

How to become an marketer?

It’s not as difficult as you may believe to earn money as an affiliate marketer. What is an affiliate marketer? Someone who promotes affiliate products for $$$. There’s no need for any MLM when you can make a shitload of money from people who never met you. You only need the proper strategy, in order to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist to make money as an affiliate marketer. For example, go to Clickbank.com create an account, then apply to any product that you would like to sell.

Do a google search on that product. You will see if there’s any competition out there. One thing you can do is create a landing page that promotes your product. Look up any promo codes that exist on the internet. Use search “product promo codes”.

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ALTERNATIVELY, you could get the Facebook Advertising Guide which will help you to earn $$$ through facebook ads. They also have some free vouchers that you can use on your first campaigns, because you should alwways utilize a couple of “test runs” before you put any real investment into your advertising campaigns. There’s many ways to earn a lot of money from , and I will go over many in the future, but you need to be willing to put in the work to reap the rewards. 🙂

Dallas Cannabis Company Free Stickers/Weed is still banned

You will get free sticks if you click here. Isn’t it unbelievable that is still illegal? I mean, why not just check out how other countries have dealt with the “drug” program, instead of wasting billions on nonsense. Well, that;s the point, I guess. A lot of people would be out of business if weed were legal. What do you think?

I’m a “live, let live,” type of guy. Personally, I don’t much like the ganja, but I don’t care what people do with their own body. Fuck that.

What happened to Michael Flynn?


He was the national security advisor to Trump, but now he’s a washed up loser. It has become somewhat evident that he’s a spy. But, who knows. What can we truly believe? Was it some sort of internal power struggle which led to Flynn’s resignation? Or is it true that he appears to be some kind of Russian agent? If so, I suggest he flee the country, or else, his liberal, and liberty, could be in jeopardy. is a real fool. Why compromise your coveted position for a foreign government? Maybe we simply led to believe this. I’m not exactly the Alex Jones conspiratorial type, but I think anything is possible when you have a psychopath in chief.

I was reading a Washington post article about how the Obama administration didn’t trust him. It was almost like they knew something about him that others did not know. It’s hard to tell at this point, we can only dissect from events that we know, or think we know, happened. Obama administration didn’t trust him. He made a call to the Russian ambassador from the Dominican Republic. He lied right in the face to Vice President Mike Pence. He got canned. It is said that the Flynn and Kisylak, the Russian ambassador, were discussing the sanctions on Russia.

Maybe he was a . Maybe someone wanted him out. We already know that the Trump administration is ripe full of backstabbing, where everyone is at eachother’s throats, because there truly is no leader. Like Cenk Ugur (Young Turks) said, Trump is not a leader, but a man-child. And I think there’s a lot of truth to that. What about ?

The (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799 ) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

That sounds like it might happen here. But who knows. I guess it all depends on how he treats his dear leader, Mr. Trump. You kneel down, kiss his ring, anf maybe man-child king trump will make everything okay for poor Michael Flynn.

Laws of Attraction

law of attraction

Laws of Attraction basically states that if we are positive, then everything in our life will be positive. I like it, but I feel as though we would be censoring our own emotions, because who never feels angry, or upset, or jealous, or vindictive? LOL! Ok, maybe not all that, but you get the idea. I don’t believe that this “pure energy” from LoA is real, but I do think that being positive can make a lot of change to our lives. I have trouble with this, at times, because I get upset when things aren’t going my way, or if others have more than me, but that’s just the facts of life. I try to always be positive, a “cup half full” sort of thing. It doesn’t always work in my favor, but it sort of keeps me going towards my goals.

The critics of LoA argue that these “energies” and the like, are simply not provable. But I think they miss the point. LoA is not to be taken literally. The energy is placebo. We utilize positivity so that we can better our lives. What happens when we tell ourselves that “I can’t do this,” or “I’m never going to do that!” You feel depressed. You need to utilize positive reinforcement in order to overpower the negativity which lingers in your mind. “I can do it!” “Nothing can stand in my way!” These states make you feel better.

That’s what I gather from LoA. Am I missing something? Please, if so, let me know. I’m always ready to learn. I would say that I take a “third way” approach. LoA can be beneficial in the realm of metaphysics, but it’s only a way of self-improvement, these energies don’t really exist in the natural world. Nor am I a critic of LoA, because it’s already proven that LoA helps us all become better people. But that’s NO REASON to lose sense of who we are!

How can I earn some pocket money at home on computer? What should I learn?

You can utilize . You need to find an in-demand product, analyze its keywords and promote it through blogs, websites or by utilizing PPC advertising. I know of a great system that shows you how it’s all done Click Here! You will earn as you promote other peoples’ products. You don’t have to maintain any kind of inventory, you simply use the system provided in the correct way and you can make as much money as you desire. I love the idea of affiliate marketing because you don’t need a lot of money to get started and it’s great for beginners. You just need to understand how the system works and you will be well on your way!

There’s another great way to make money with Six Lancer! It’s a site like facebook that pays you for every person who signs up. It’s a facebook clone, but it’s pretty cool you should check it out.

You can also earn money by completing surveys. The thing with survey sites is you need to know the RIGHT ONES to signup to, otherwise you may very well be wasting your valuable time. Click Here! I utilize a mixture of both to earn most of my revenue. I use what works and I combine it with things that are normally not associated with it, kind of the way niche marketing works. You find something untapped, such as how to properly train a poodle, then you analyze the best keywords to write articles on and create microblogs for them. I’ve made money from creating “microblogs” based entirely on a couple of keywords. You have to be unafraid to try new things!

On the other side of things, you do have paying apps like ibotta, lucktastic, myvegas etc. but you’re not going to make a living on them. It’s good spare money, though.